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Dear Credit Minded,

I have been in the credit repair industry for 22 years and helped over 50,000 clients achieve their goals of a perfect score. Currently, I am the credit repair industry’s top money earner. I have tried literally dozens of various credit monitoring services during my career and nothing compares with IdentityIQ.

FACT! The people with the highest credit scores monitor their credit!

The difference between a person with an average credit score and those who maintain a great score are those who monitor their credit reports monthly. If you want to have a 700 score or better you need to be on IdentityIQ.

I invite you to join IdentityIQ as I have by clicking the link below.

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Offering the world's most comprehensive credit repair allowed by law.

Advanced Technology

A revolutionary approach to credit repair to offer your clients.

Prevents negative reporting

Offer your clients an unparalleled credit repair experience.

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Become a member of our affiliate-based credit repair company.

CreditIQ Pro is unmatched in the credit repair industry

Our affiliate members will experience the most powerful and comprehensive credit repair services available under the law. We use a multi-layer credit repair approach that addresses negative reporting before it happens. Traditional credit repair companies are reactive and can only be effective after it’s too late; meaning they take action after a client’s credit report has already been compromised.
Our methods anticipate and address negative reporting before it happens. Combining experienced methods of anticipation and reaction gives your client an unparalleled credit repair experience that is unmatched in the credit repair industry.
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