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How Identity Theft Protection Works

How Identity Theft Protection WorksIn an accelerating era of new technology at our fingertips, tapping into security is a great idea!  Perhaps you have encountered some mishaps, or heard stories of not so fun experiences that unfortunately lurk in the shadows of all the benefits we enjoy.  With our new cyber world adventures, identity theft is a real threat to avoid, so keep your “happy time” safe!

Identity Theft Threats

According to the National Council on Identity Theft Protection –  identity theft fraud is a crime well worth awareness.  Millions of identities are stolen every year, and billions of dollars are lost.

These types of crimes have the ability to threaten lives financially and socially. In addition, not knowing the motives of someone who acquires your personal information may lead to physical harm to you or someone you love.

“Concern for the safety of [humanity] must always be the chief interest of all technical endeavors”  – Albert Einstein

Identity Theft Protection Can Help Prevent a Crisis

Not all situations are the same, so it’s important to do your own research as it applies to you.  Discuss options with respected people & professionals when considering identity theft protection and ask questions.

With identity theft protection – email, credit cards, government documents/benefits, loans, leases, phone/utilities, banking, employment, taxes, medical, social security, child identity, and other fraud can be monitored, intercepted, and avoided.

Identity theft technical monitoring systems scan the web and online databases to protect  your personal information. If this information is found somewhere it shouldn’t be (for example on the dark web), or suspicious activity is detected, the service provider can further investigate to determine whether your information has been misused or part of a fraudulent data breach.

Identity monitoring, credit monitoring, identity recovery, and identity theft insurance are options available to you with identity theft protection. If a breach has occurred, identity theft protection services will notify you, present a list of solutions to resolve the issue and assist you through the process.

Find peace of mind by safeguarding your personal information and take action to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft, before it happens.  Identity Theft — National Crime Prevention Council (

IdentityIQ Theft Protection Services

The best IdentityIQ Theft Protection can save you time, money, and stress with our professional services. Our up-to-date technical systems will ‘keep watch’ for your security.  We will alert you to compromised identity, suspicious activity, and other possible breaches. Our dedicated case managers will walk you through the process.

If you have an identity crisis, you not only need to know what steps to take, you may need finances for a lawyer and other expenses. When your identity has been compromised, it may be difficult to access money, and you may want coverage. Fortunately, IdentityIQ Theft Protection services include identity theft insurance.  You’ll have the best – up to $1 million in insurance to help you cover identity theft-related costs like lost wages, legal fees, and reimbursement of stolen money.

With Identity Theft Protection you won’t be alone. You will realize the security of knowing your “happy time” is safe with the assistance of professionals who care.  Click on the link below for more details, or give us a call.  We’re here in the U.S..