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What to Do When Your Identity Has Been Stolen

What to Do When Your Identity Has Been StolenIdentity theft can be a very scary situation – probably the word [panic] comes to mind. It could be one of those o-my-god moments none of us want to experience, right?  It’s like looking in the mirror one day and wondering where you are. You may want to scream, cry, call 911, break something, or sit in silent shock. You are grieving a loss, but not of a loved one. You just lost – well, a part of yourself.

This is not the end, though. You can cross this valley. Don’t panic. You can overcome identity theft, and – find all of yourself again.  After all, you are the only real you. Take a few minutes to regain your composure; and then, take action to get back what was stolen.

Solutions for Identity Theft

You will most likely need to get out a notepad and start a priority list of online research to do, phone calls to make, & places to go for your specific situation. 

Here are some important actions you may need to take if applicable as you evaluate your situation:

  1. Call your bank(s) and credit card company(s) to report, request more information and cancel CC(s), account(s), etc.

  2. Check your credit report(s) online and place a fraud alert. What Are the Three Main Credit Bureaus? (

  3. Request an annual free credit report from the 3 primary credit bureaus in the U.S. Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion are currently offering free weekly reports to American Citizens through 2023.

  4. Call Your mobile phone company to report fraud, ask for any possible information or assistance, and change your account/number(s) as necessary.

  5. Contact businesses and government agencies to alert them, find more information, and file reports related to your case.

  6. File a police report and request any helpful information they may be able to offer locally.

  7. Contact professional legal services if you believe you may need their assistance.

If your identity theft is more complex and you need some assistance evaluating details or proceeding, the Federal Trade Commission has a website and informational videos to help Recovering from Identity Theft | Federal Trade Commission – YouTube 

IdentityIQ Protection

If you or your family are victims of identity theft it can be a long walk through the valley of recovery. The National Council on Identity Theft 2023 Identity Theft Facts and Statistics recently reported that fraud cases are up 70% from 2020 to 2023, primarily from imposter scams and online shopping. 

With all the wonders of internet exploration, learning, and lifestyle benefits it can be exciting.  It can also be dangerous. It’s important to learn how to use this online worldwide web safely and protect yourself. 

We are here to assist. IdentityIQ Theft Protection will provide a safety net for you and your family.  Our system monitors any signs of fraud, breaches, and suspicious activity 24/7 on the web and dark web.  Our professional customer service staff are here to let you know you are not alone and to help you resolve problems quickly. 

We also offer up to $1,000,000 in identity theft insurance and other benefits. Find out what those other benefits are and how we can provide protection to help secure your financial future:

We hope you will find a smile the next time you look in the mirror, as the stolen you has been recovered and secured!